IAM Discussing Managing Influence – Cycles, Tables, Plays and Players, with Alan Kelly, CEO and founding father of Playmaker Systems

IAM Discussing Managing Influence – Cycles, Tables, Plays and Players, with Alan Kelly, CEO and founding father of Playmaker Systems

Today, the topic is Managing Influence.

Thanks for visiting IAM Talking, a periodic podcast interview series, along with your host, Dan Keldsen, Chief Innovation Officer at Information Architected.

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Today IAM Talking to Alan Kelly, CEO and Founder of Playmaker Systems, and Author of �The Portions of Influence.�
Wish to know the best way to model influence, know when folks or organizations are attempting to influence you, the marketplace, as well as in short, turn influence into more a science than an art?

In the year 2006, Alan Kelly wrote �The Aspects of Influence� – so that as luck might say, I literally stumbled about it inside a random variety of books on the now defunct Borders bookstore within the Financial District of Boston.

Little did I realize that �The Portions of Influence� as well as the recently revised Version 5.0 edition in the Playmaker Influence Decision System, would become one of the best tools in understanding how influence is (or isn�t) playing, whether in the organization, or market-facing.
Not really a �natural� influencer?

Hear even as we discuss how Alan found uncover the requirement of a process of influence, the concepts of plays and counter-plays (aspects of gamification, certainly behavior design and behavior modeling), what sort of system has been �battle tested� in scenario preparing for commercial applications, political, intelligence, and non-profit organizations.
Don�t leave influence to chance – study the science, and make use of the Table of Influence to assist you.

A large number of hours, and millions of dollars have gone in to the development and refinement of Alan�s work – and even though your mileage are vastly different, I�ve found his approach, along with the many examples that they with his fantastic team provide publicly using the �Play from the Day� articles from across political, marketing, PR and also other scenarios.
Comments or Questions?

We cover why the science of influence should be used, the way it was developed, in addition to examples in the 2012 Election campaign (What plays did Donald Trump make an effort to run against President barack obama as well as Governor Romney?), in the plays that Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung run against the other person in the market, as well as in the judge of law.

Any queries, comment below, and we�ll answer and discuss together. There’s considerably more that individuals all can discover successful influence plays and strategies.

political analysis

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